April 2024


Warm temps are bringing out the anglers, including our guides! They have been on the East River and the Upper Gunnison and doing quite well! Euro set-ups with jigged golden stone patterns paired with tan perdigons and Frenchies have taken the most fish on both rivers. The ever popular Sex Dungeon in olive is also working well on the Gunnison. The guys reported a "very prolific" BWO hatch in the early afternoon as well.

Dust off that gear and get to Gunnison! Swing by the shop and we will point you in the right direction.

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Fishing Reports

The taylor river

The Taylor River begins way up high in Taylor Park and flows into Taylor Reservoir. This stretch is called the “upper Taylor” and is characterized by a smallish river flowing through an open valley. The outlet of the reservoir is controlled by a bottom release dam and is the famous “hog trough” where the state’s largest trout prowl.

The “C & R”( catch and release) area as it’s commonly called is a very busy fishery with numerous fisherman trying their skill during even the worst weather. The remainder of the river flows along the road and has a lot of public fishing interspersed between private properties. The river along this lower stretch is a great fishery.

Caution should be used when fishing this “lower” stretch as the bottom of the river is very difficult to wade!