The Gunnison is currently cranking at 2200cfs through town and fishing is restricted "safely anyway" to the edges. We've had good success sinking large Rubber Legs and stone flies, along with SJ worms. I like big jigged stones with a tungsten bead as they sink like a rock. If you are floating then break out the double Pat's rigs and streamers and pound those banks!

Floating the east during high water is also a favorite, it is currently running 1420cfs at Almont. Same fare as the Gunny, big stones and streamers. Stay river right and avoid low bridges.

The Taylor is up to 553 at Almont, mostly due to the feeder creeks that are melting up high and increasing the flows and some increased flows from the dam. Fishing has remained good, although the pressure has increased since the Gunny is blown. Midges and stones have been the ticket. The Mole fly has been crushing it. Rigged to run in the film behind a dry like an Adams or behind a weighted midge, this has been a very effective pattern. Small jigged stone flies are always on the menu in black, peacock and tan fished with a baetis emerger either behind it or from a dropper if you are tight-lining. Put that emerger on behind a dry midge as well.

Swing by and see us on your way up the canyon for current conditions.

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