Spring Update - 03/30/23

Spring Update - 03/30/23

What is the snowpack for Gunnison Colorado?

170% of Normal • 27% Water Content

Well, there you go! We are definitely looking at a wet spring and a good healthy runoff as things warm up! Word has it that less water will be drawn from Lake Mead and if that turns out to be true, should give Blue Mesa Reservoir a chance to hold more water this season. Coupled with a good release plan from the Taylor reservoir, the Gunnison should have a decent amount of water flowing into the fall. Keep in mind this is a preliminary report, we will do our best to keep you updated.

So what's happening now? The fish are hungry and they aren't really being picky! Our good friend Scott and son Hunter just netted a whopping 67 fish on the Gunnison! Scott added, "Almost any nymph in a 14 and dry flies". Now keep in mind, he isn't normal and these two how to seduce these fish. But it goes to show, just how healthy our fishing ecosystem really is, and why it's so important to take care of it. Here is a sample of their day.

We can't tell you how ready we are to get the season kicked off and see you all in the shop! Speaking of the shop, we are looking at a full-time open date of April 17th! Please swing by and see us!

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