Mothers Day 2024

Mothers Day 2024

Mother’s Day and beyond! It looks like warming temps in the Gunnison valley and Crested Butte, along with the recent snowfall and rain will have us in runoff before you know it.  The current wet conditions have the upper Gunnison running just over 1000cfs below the Whitewater Park in town as of today. 

Taylor river flows will be increased from Taylor Park reservoir on May 16th. Currently the outflow is approximately 200cfs and will be bumped to approximately 262cfs.   These will bump again around June 1st depending on, how fast the reservoir fills up, to approximately 413cfs.  From mid-June on the flows are scheduled to be decreased every 15 days.  Again, this all depends on mother nature.  We will keep you updated on any major deviations from the plan. 

That being said, the fishing has been great on the Gunny! Floating is the best method on the Gunnison and streamers along with good ol’bacon and eggs (Pat’s Rl and a SJ worm) will bring fish to the boat.  If the waters clear in the morning after a cold night, smaller stonefly patterns, perdigons and eggs will do the trick.  This will hold true for the East river as well.

As the Gunny swells, the Taylor will be a better option for wade fishing.  The increased flows will concentrate fish to the edges and the numerous areas of pocket water on the river.  Larger perdigons coupled with midges and emergers will take trout.  Don’t forget to throw streamers all along the Taylor, as there are big fish throughout this Gold Medal stream.  My favorite colors are olive with black and brown.  The Taylor is a very slick river, swing by and grab a wading staff and some aluminum soles for you Korker boots!

Runoff is one of my favorite times to hit smaller waters like the Cochetopa, Cebolla and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison.  Fast sinking perdigons with a SJ worm trailing will get you bit in the undercut banks.  Wade carefully, these creeks might be small, but they have some very deep holes and the swift current will take your feet out before you have time to react. 

If you are headed this direction get a float trip booked ASAP and lets get you on the water before it blows out! Our guides have been out and know what’s going on. 

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