Memorial Weekend 2024

Happy Memorial Weekend. Please remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those that continue to put their lives on the line to secure our countries freedom.

Currently the weather around the Gunnison Valley is warming up! As you can see by the flow charts listed for each river, flows are starting to increase but rivers are still fishing well. 

The Gunnison is best tackled with larger nymph patterns such as Pat's RL, beaded SJ worms or heavy perdigons and streamers.  Fish will be forced into the edges and anyplace there is softer water.  Target inlets and undercut banks and any pocket water you can find.  Be prepared to lose bugs as there is a fair amount of debris in the water.

The Taylor river, a tailwater for those unfamiliar with it, is fishing quite nice!  Flows in the mid 200's close to the dam give way to 400+ by the time it reaches Almont. This is due to the tributaries that feed it along the way.  This 24 mile stretch of Gold Medal trout stream has been fishing well with smaller perdigons and midges with Mysis working well below the dam.  Watch for BWO activity and target fish with small dries and mole flies and similar emerger or cripple patterns. 

The smaller creeks around the valley are primarily in runoff mode, however, fish can be caught in the softer runs as well.  

Colder weather put the Mother's Day caddis hatch down, I anticipate we will be seeing them soon.  

Stop in for a current update! 

Tight lines, wade safe and leave no trace! 


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