Fall is in the air! Cool morning's and pleasant afternoons are helping to keep the water temps under control. The waters are all down, between our dismal snowpack and the now reduced flows from Taylor park reservoir, floating has become a bit more difficult. The Gunnison from Almont resort to north bridge is basically un-doable. From north bridge down you might have to portage some but you should be able to make it. The salmon have been in the river and the pool below Almont is full of salmon chasers. There is no sign of a brown spawn yet, but that shouldn't be far off.

Fishing has remained good with lot's of midge and trico action. Stones and midges are always a good option, hopper droppers and streamers are still taking plenty of fish as well. The salmon are eating just about anything with neon in it, San Juan worms have been a favorite.

The shop will move to winter hours starting October 4th and back to full hours in April of 22. We will remain open on Friday afternoons from 1-5pm and Saturdays from 9a-5p. As always, you can shop on-line with the option to pick your items up in store.

Thank you all for making our first season a huge success and I can't wait to see you all in the spring!!

Tight lines, wade safe and leave no trace, Dave

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