The Taylor River

The Taylor River begins way up high in Taylor Park and flows into Taylor Reservoir. This stretch is called the “upper Taylor” and is characterized by a smallish river flowing through an open valley. The outlet of the reservoir is controlled by a bottom release dam and is the famous “hog trough” where the state’s largest trout prowl.

The “C & R”( catch and release) area as it’s commonly called is a very busy fishery with numerous fisherman trying their skill during even the worst weather. The remainder of the river flows along the road and has a lot of public fishing interspersed between private properties. The river along this lower stretch is a great fishery.

Caution should be used when fishing this “lower” stretch as the bottom of the river is very difficult to wade!


Rivers are down and fishing like crazy! Caddis, black bodies in 16-18 are all over the place as are Green Drakes 8-10 and stone flies are prolific as well. The Drakes have made it to the lower section of the Taylor. Stick to nymph’s if the fish are not looking up. Popular patterns are Furimsky’s drake, chubby’s 8-12, FB PT’s 12-14, Prince nymph’s, Duracell jigs, Lite Baetis perdigons, green perdigons, JuJu baetis 16-20 in purple, Frenchie’s, black foam or standard EHC, Pat’s RL, small hopper patterns in black and purple, Thin mint buggers and olive leeches. Pretty much any darker…

Taylor Reservoir releases

FYIReleases from Taylor Park Reservoir will be increased tomorrow and Saturday 04 Releases will be increased to 160 cfs tomorrow, over the course of 2 adjustments during the day. Releases will be increased to 200 cfs Saturday morning. The 200 cfs release rate will continue until further notice. Keep an eye on flows by clicking on a river link, here on our web page.

Fishing is hot!

Drakes and Caddis are running amuck, pale morning duns and red quills trying to steal the stage and the fish are tearing them all up!! The green drakes, which precede the greys are up to the Taylor as are the caddis, PMD’s and red quills are showing up with the warmer weather and the Pescados are loving it! Hoppers are also present and hopper/dropper season has officially begun! The Gunnison is fishing well with size 10-12 hopper imitations with dark perdigons in black or PT underneath, olive is a good option as well. Speaking of hot, there is a voluntary…

06/04/22 Fishing report

Rivers are slightly up but fishing has been great! Taylor: Rising from Taylor damn scheduled releases. I was on it yesterday, it was fast and clear, but the fish were easy to find holding on the edges and pocket water. Bouncing anything heavy with pheasant tail did the trick. BWO’s came off as it clouded up but no real surface action. Gunnison: Still high but some clarity. Our clients landed fish yesterday on black streamers and big stoneflies. Cochetopa, Spring Creek and the Tomichi: Running great and clear! Pretty much any attractor on top, Adams, Amy’s ant’s…… with a small…


The Gunnison is currently cranking at 2200cfs through town and fishing is restricted “safely anyway” to the edges. We’ve had good success sinking large Rubber Legs and stone flies, along with SJ worms. I like big jigged stones with a tungsten bead as they sink like a rock. If you are floating then break out the double Pat’s rigs and streamers and pound those banks! Floating the east during high water is also a favorite, it is currently running 1420cfs at Almont. Same fare as the Gunny, big stones and streamers. Stay river right and avoid low bridges. The Taylor…


Things are looking up, well, coming up. Currently the Gunnison in town is running between 867 at the whitewater park and 882 just west of there at county road 32. Fish can still be found though. Dredge the bottom with streamers and bigger bugs. Large black or darker colored stoneflies along with egg and worm patterns bounced on the bottom along the edges and in pocket water will produce fish. If you are floating, slap those big ugly streamers along the banks and pocket water as well, the fish are going to doing their best to stay out of the…


Welcome to spring in the valley!! Folks have been hitting the rivers as the shelf ice is no longer a factor on our major rivers and the fish are hungry!! Guide Gibby spent some time on the lower section of the upper Gunny and had good luck with several different patterns, including a grey soft hackle behind a SJ worm and a peacock thin mint. On the Cochetopa he caught fish on red SJ worms and purple perdigons. The browns were also actively chasing Galloups Dungeons in olive. The Coch was “Like chocolate milk with a surface temp of 40”!…


11/11/21: Happy Veterans Day!!! The warmer weather has made for comfortable fishing and the fishing is good!! Guide “Gibby” is having good luck using red or olive Zebra midges, 2-bit hookers and Thin Mint streamers in olive, natural, peacock, orange or black. Enjoy the warm weather and the great fishing! “Tight lines, wade safe and leave no trace”